About Us

Our Health Mission


My name is Darren Williams and this is my lovely wife Tonya. After a motorcycle accident left me unable to run my horse business I was  desperate to get back to work. In the weeks after, an incredible turn of events, too perfect to be  coincidental, took place. During that time we were introduced to this remarkable but exclusive technology. The results were amazing and I was back to work in no time. Since then we have dedicated our lives and our resources to making this technology Accessible and affordable to the Midwest. Helping people and horses get back to health as quickly as possible.

Experience and Professionalism


We are Personally trained and certified by the world leaders in acuscope and myopulse technology and application the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine. With this distinction we have immediate access to an  entire network of the  industries highest trained professionals that have utilized this technology everyday for 30 years. This combined with passion and work ethic  ensures our clients the best and fastest results.

We know horses too!!

With many years experience in the horse business as a rider, trainer, instructor and farrier the fact that this technology got it’s roots and name from it’s success on horses was proof enough for me. HORSES DON’T LIE. 20 years experience living with horses means your horse will be handled and treated like a loved and cherished member of the family. Knowledge and experience with  anatomy and  lameness means it will get optimum results.