X-Stream Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

No our technology is completely Nonevasive and pain free with no risk of infection.

Does it work on ________(insert ailment here)?

Yes we can honestly say that it helps with every ailment. We can say this because the technologies do not focus on the ailment it focuses on the living cell. By  restoring cellular health we inhance the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Is this like what my chiropractor / physical therapist has?

No! This is NOT a TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) device!

Our technology is highly advanced and extremely exclusive. Very few people in the United States have had Access to it,  being reserved manly for elite athletes and  celebrities . X-Stream Therapy is the only place in the Midwest where it is available to the public. The living cell responds to one Trillionth of an ampere, Peco current, which is what our device utilize. TENS use micro current, one millionth of an ampere. TENS devices only effect the nervous system ours is EFFECTIVE on both the nervous system and connective tissues.

Why didn’t my doctors tell me about this?

 Because chances are they don’t know about it. Although more and more ”mainstream “ practitioners are joining us every day the medical industry and schools have yet to acknowledge the proven science and effectiveness of treating the body electrically.

How does it work?

 It has been proven that the living cell possesses  24 to 28 ion channels that transfer mild electrical energy  and the living cell has the capacity to store  this energy. When a cell is compromised it loses its ability to store and transfer energy properly. Our intelligent device has the ability to  seek out cells that are not functioning at their full electrical potential due to impedance\inflammation.  When the damaged cell is detected it sends concentrated natural energy Directly to the cell and the  cell responds by opening waste gates and detoxifying itself restoring it’s electrical potential. The device sends and receives signals at ” RIDICULOUS” speed.  Analyzes those signals and  adjust itself to find the exact frequency in which the cell is designed to carry. It then restores the  connections by removing the inflammation/impedance so that the cells can once again transfer energy properly.

The  inflammation goes away the pain stops and range of motion returns. 


How is it done ?

Depending on what protocol is required the  therapy will  be administered  either buy  applying a series of metal plates directly to your skin or through the use of various types  of blunt probes.