Enhanced Performance! Results!

Welcome Stakes and Grand Prix winner of The World Equestrian Center‘s Winter Classic 2019. 

Results!! After two sessions!


Subtle ,focused, healing energy

Our device has the unique ability to send subtle, controled energy frequencies that the brain excepts as its own. It uses these frequencies to comunicate with your nervous system and auto-immune system and stop the “alergic reaction “. It can then remove the pain, itching and  swelling and allow the tissues to heal naturally without  invasive Procedures, drugs or side effects. 

This client had tried many creams and medicines with no relief ,suffering for several days before coming to X-Stream Therapy. She experienced immediate relief . Itching stoped, swelling stoped and healing began. Healing was complete after session two.

Testimonial “Team Rupert”

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Surgery isn’t always the only option!

 Rupert was diagnosed by his Veterinarian  with a lesion between his T13 and L1 vertebrae. Surgery looked inevitable. Lucky for him his owner, at the suggestion of his Vet, sought out alternative modalities. X-Stream Therapy did 8 sessions in two weeks and got tremendous results !  Healing naturaly in half the time it would have taken to recover from surgery! For far less expense !!


Check out this great video



After two sessions

 The living cell is like a capacitor. It responds, stores and transfers electrical energy. By  detoxifying and eliminating  inflammation we can restore  homeostasis to the unhealthy cell and restore its ability to function properly. We ”reboot “ your nervous system and ”reset“ your connective tissue back to “factory setting “!

Testimonials **BLAZE**

Post EPM


Blaze was post EPM suffering from back and hind end issues. The testimony speaks for itself!

Tremendous results in just three sessions!


Blaze continued to improve for days after his three therapy sessions and his owners reported a tremendous positive change in his body movement and Attitude. Horses don’t lie they don’t know that this is Supposed to help them which Nullifies any argument of “placebo effect “. The living cell responds positivity and positive results occur!

Quality of life!


Acuscope and Myopulse Therapy


Traditional value


Clients quotes!


Millions of dollars have been made in professional sports and the horse industry  by both human and horse athletes utilizing this intelligent , missile guidance technology !

When compared to other “traditional “therapies our services are X-Streamly! Competitive And our results are X-Streamly! superior.  Faster healing, fewer sessions, NO DRUGS!



After five sessions

Post surgery healing. The sooner the better but it’s never to late to get amazing results!

A year after two neck surgeries and a serious infection this client was left with tremendous  scar tissue, plate and screws, headaches pain and poor range of motion.

 Post surgery therapy from X-Stream Therapy is X-Streamly beneficial ! The sooner the better! Reduce pain, swelling, and scar tissue. Improve circulation and range of motion. Heal two to three times faster!



Tremendous results on chronic injuries.

   Unique in so many ways. Our device is the only one  with the ability to focus energy directly to connective tissue. Working through scar tissue to restore the cells ability To store and transfer energy. 



We live in a toxic world! Chemicals in our food, water and air. Dirty electricity and radiation constantly  resonating at Extremely high and unnatural  frequencies . These things take a toll on our bodies ability to heal and recover from stress and trauma!